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A Day at the Seaside!!!

Had a Lovely day out at Bridlington on Wednesday! We sailed around the Bay on a Pirate Ship!!!! Hope u all have a Fab Weekend ! XXX


Happy Christmas!!

Wishing U All A Great Christmas!!! Luv PF XXX

Funniest Capt Comp No.276!!

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Yay!! I made it!! Looks around….

Now then, where’s everyone else ?!?!

Funniest Caption Comp.No.275!

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Funniest Caption Comp.No.274!!

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Funniest Caption Comp.No.273!!

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Soooooooo Naughty….!!!

Man in Bar orders Champagne. Lady next 2 him says "What a Coincidence, I’ve ordered Champagne 2!!  "I’m celebrating!" " Me 2! , what a coincidence! What are u celebrating?"  "Hubby & I have tried 4 years 4 a baby. Today I am pregnant!" " What a coincidence. I am a Farmer. 4 Years my hens were infertile.  Today all laid Eggs!"
"Wow! How di that happen?"  " I used a different cock" Lady smiled -clinked her glass "what a coincidence!!!"
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